Wellness and healing during the day are only as good as the sleep that came before it. Sleep sets up the mind-body connection in preparation for the day ahead, helping it to find the most natural balance. And due to the body’s most habitual instincts, this is a job that’s best done in the dark, and in no less than eight hours! 

One of the stars of the latest LEVEL collection pioneers that most important journey to life-long happiness, starting at the very beginning. Our Therapy Eye Mask is a mask that’s focused entirely on the power and possibilities of weighted therapy, and is backed by techniques and natural rhythms that inspire the body’s rebalance from the first moments of the day to the last.

Let’s explore a closer look into what a Therapy Eye Mask can do and the many healing benefits that await its wearers.

Good things come to those who weight 

Sleep is so deep-rooted in how we feel throughout the day that its quality needs to be at its best. A good eight hours mark the best starting point, but there are many other ways to ensure that ‘do not disturb’ is a rule that’s truly lived by.

Quality over quantity here, meaning you could pair your sleep with a round of aromatherapy, or top it off with an all-body stretch before bed. But others, particularly those who struggle to sleep in brighter areas, may find themselves reaching for a solution that shuts everything out.

Your first turning point? An eye mask is better than sleeping with a pillow over your eyes, plus many of them are stylish, super comfortable and become routine-regular once their enhanced ability to improve sleep is experienced after the first night.  

However, there’s an opportunity here that a lot of people that use eye masks tend to miss. This is because the delicate area around the eyes happens to form a gateway to key acupressure points and sensitive nerve endings.

When deep pressure therapy is evenly applied to this area, it wakes up a powerful force in the body’s core nervous system called the trigeminal nerve. This sits bang-on in the centre of the eye area and is central to the body’s stress response.

This interaction between evenly-applied pressure and the trigeminal nerve in turn activates the body’s main system for reducing stress and anxiety, which goes by the technical name of the parasympathetic nervous system.  

Stimulating this system is an advanced way to relax and prepare the body for a night of sound and silent sleep and a day ahead that’s full of progressive wellness; working in a similar way to why getting a warm hug makes you feel better.

A force for change

The areas around the eyes form an epicentre of untapped potential for physical and mental recovery. When met with the right amount of pressure, a natural reaction is awakened within the body that triggers a wave of relief and relaxation.

In addition to this, the specific ‘T-Zone’ between the eyes and between the top of the nose and the bottom of the forehead is a particularly good target for deep pressure therapy, as this is also the home of the paranasal sinuses.

Sinuses love it when pressure is applied to them, as this allows them to drain more efficiently while also reducing stuffiness and clearing the airways. This technique is actually really important to note for anyone who suffers from the terrible vexes of hay fever.  

But it’s not just the areas around the eyes that benefit from the deep pressure stimulation of our Therapy Eye Mask for the betterment of sleep and wellbeing. The eyes, or rather their reactiveness to the world around them, also do an important job in finding nighttime serenity.

This is realised in the mask’s superior ability to completely block out light at a moment’s notice. Exposure to darkness is what causes melatonin to get to work. Melatonin is a very special hormone found within the body that’s responsible for regulating the sleep cycle and is therefore key in our pursuit of living our best lives through better sleep.  

More darkness means more melatonin and a higher quality of sleep. The mask’s ability to provide this as and when it’s needed works to make the likes of insomnia and difficulty sleeping a thing of the past. The body is no longer dependent on naturally dark environments to go to sleep, and can therefore feel the benefits of a good rest anywhere. 

In touch will all the senses

Our Therapy Eyes Masks are the ultimate tool for delivering on-demand darkness and accessing the body’s natural touchpoints for relaxation. But in what is to become a major theme with the LEVEL brand, we’ve got one final trick up our sleeves.  

We believe that finding tranquillity should be a process that balances the abilities of all the body’s natural senses. This is why we’ve anointed the mask’s design with one of nature’s most powerful figures in aromatherapy.  

Wearers will instantly notice the light fragrance of lavender on their masks. This scent was specially chosen as the perfect partner in our pursuit of vitality, but not just because it smells nice.

Lavender is in fact packed with a type of terpene alcohol called Linalool and despite its funny-sounding name, is actually an incredibly powerful enabler of deep relaxation. 

When linalool is inhaled through the nose, and only when it’s inhaled, it matches with the olfactory receptors in the nose. These receptors are the only thing capable of connecting scents to the parasympathetic nervous system, in turn triggering the same deep sense of relaxation that’s experienced through deep pressure therapy.

 Linalool is unique to lavender, which in itself is a blessing that it smells so nice. And because it interacts with the body’s nervous system in the very same way as deep pressure stimulation around the eyes, we struggle to name a more perfect pairing for this mask’s leading design.  

Sleep and the elixir of life 

There are lots of different and unique ways to find life’s groove. What suits you now might probably be different in 10 years' time, but if one thing is always going to be certain, it’s that sleep is the very best place to start.

In this blog, we’ve brought home just how interconnected sleep and wellness are, and when those two elements balance in perfect harmony, it opens the door for a whole range of life-affirming benefits.

Yet having delved deeper into this, we’ve confirmed that there are many ways to influence the important quality of sleep, whether those influences are welcomed or not.

A Therapy Eye Mask that promotes the ground-breaking science of deep pressure therapy will allow you to take back control of that quality while awakening new methods of recovery in the process.  

To find out more, discover the touch of the latest star of LEVEL’s wellness collection here.

Written by Tyler Smith

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