Shower Steamers - Energising


Discover the captivating allure of aromatherapy through these exquisite shower steamers. Immerse yourself in the revitalising scent as the steamer delicately melts into the comforting embrace of warm water, effortlessly relieving congestion and enhancing effortless breathing.

Transform your everyday shower into a rejuvenating and invigorating spa-like escape with our blissfully scented shower steamers. Immerse yourself in the revitalising essence of aromatic herbs and oils, as our steamers effortlessly unleash a harmonious blend of therapeutic vapours, fully energising your body from head to toe.

The perfect gift for friends and family, these steamers offer the ultimate self-care experience

Includes 8 different energising fragrances:

Mango (yellow)
Lavender (purple)
Tea Tree (light green)
Rose (pink)
Peppermint (blue)
Coconut (white)
Eucalyptus (green)
Floral Jasmine (orange)