In today’s instantaneous hyper-connected world of on-the-go notifications, news alerts, posts, likes and DMs, it’s easy to get swept up in the digital stream and forget the reality behind the reel.

The bright glow of the digital screen can drain us of our mindful moments and reminds us why a moment to disconnect from the buzz of technology feels so refreshing. But finding such a moment can prove to be almost impossible in a world of everything, everywhere, all at once

And while the advent of technology has undoubtedly transformed modern life in lots of beneficial ways, it’s still really important to disconnect from time to time and to take a break to be more present in the moment; after all, life is for living!

Here we’re going to explore how to live life in the moment, including ways to set boundaries for a healthier relationship with your everyday technology, techniques for finding your inner calm and ultimately, the path to escaping the clutches of the digital drain once and for all.


Unplugging for mindfulness

Setting boundaries

Beginning with our first point, it’s important to remember that you are always in control when and when not dipping into the world of digital. This might be through social media, streaming services or news sites. Whatever’s grabbing your attention, set times and boundaries for when this interaction happens. Many smartphones actually support really hand features that’ll lock you out of apps when the designated time comes.

Perhaps this might be having a social media-free Sunday, or turning off your phone in the evening, really, it’s about recognising the grey areas of the routine and establishing a new one. Doing this creates gaps in time for more engaging, mindful activities to fill your day, and ultimately, prevents technology from taking over your life.

Mindfulness o’clock

With all this free time on your hands away from digital’s glare, you’ll be ready to get back to your roots and reconnect with the real wonders of the world; the only connection that’ll never leave you on read.

Access to digital, and social media specifically, has been routinely observed as having a closer than comfortable connection with rising anxiety and depression rates. Choosing to distance yourself from the ugly underbelly of these services will help you to focus on the present moment and reconnect with your friends, family and nature. An hour doing something you enjoy that’s completely away from digital is a great opportunity to feel alive again; significantly reducing stress and sadness in the process.

Time to listen

Active listening is a wonderfully powerful technique that when practised, opens the door to an entirely new frame of mindfulness. The technique requires nothing but your full attention and involves listening to the person you’re talking to and focusing on what they’re saying without distraction. 

This can be done in any format you feel most comfortable with, and could be a quick chat with a friend or family member or by attending a seminar or talk on your favourite topic. Whatever outlet you decide to listen to, the main aspects of this technique are promoting the most minimal use of technology and building communication skills to cultivate meaningful relationships. When there’s time to really listen to someone’s story, there’s always something new to learn for both sides of the conversation.

Nature’s here to help

Possibility the worst thing about living in the digital age is the adverse effect technology has in suppressing the body’s natural processes, being primarily down to the stalling effect exposure to digital blue light can have on elements like appetite, sleep cycle and energy.

Reconnecting with the combined benefits of exercise, a healthy diet and a good night’s rest is not just the perfect opportunity to ditch digital, but taking time to take care of yourself is also a critical tool for reducing stress and better managing the challenges of daily life. Awaken the body’s natural healing abilities by sending those notifications to sleep.

Practice self-compassion

Finally, as one of the most important steps in living a mindful lifestyle, forgiveness and self-compassion must become firm features of your everyday consciousness. It’s impossible for everything to always go right, and accepting when things go wrong is an essential step of the self-development ladder.

Yes, the benefit of a life lived off the grid is a fortune worth fighting for, but the reality of an increasingly digital world must also be recognised. In this sense, self-compassion serves as a lifeline to reminding us that it’s ok not to be perfect, and that actually, it’s the small measures taken towards change that leave the biggest impact. 

In conclusion, while technology has brought a wave of life-changing innovations to the benefit of the world, having a break from such speed is also essential to reconnecting to the things that really matter. By setting boundaries, getting familiar with new hobbies, practising self-compassion and taking the time to listen to others and yourself, you can unplug from technology’s bad side and create a more mindful and fulfilling life.

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Written by Tyler Smith

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